The title says it all, every team who finished the Premier League season under 40 points should be relegated.

And that’s a fact. This Premier League season it seems like 35-37 may be enough to keep you safe. Half the league is currently in a relegation battle and the scene is changing with every passing game.

It might seem a bit harsh, but understand that that isĀ 1.052631578947368 points per match. Team’s who cannot achieve this simple feat should not be in the so called ‘Best league in the world’.

We are blessed with the bulk of the worlds greatest talents in this country, gracing our grounds up and down the nation. What are 50% of them currently producing? By and large, boring, slow paced football when playing each other. Then parking the bus when coming up against the elite teams.

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There are some exceptions, the likes of Leicester City have somehow found a way to play relatively expansive, attractive football and still climb the table.

But we have too many vanilla teams in this division. The likes of West Brom, Stoke City, West Ham, Southampton. All season have been negative in their approach to 90% of their games. Giving the fans nothing to cheers about, owners and managers go out with the sole aim to not lose. Rather than win. Rather than entertain.

Perhaps the impending doom of relegation if they do not cross the 40 point mark would give them the kick up the a*** they all need. Provoking them to go out and win at least 10 games a season. 26 games into this season, nobody outside the top 6 has managed to achieve that so far.

Who would replace them in the Premier League? I hear you ask. Well that is simple, if 7 teams finish below 40 points in the Premier League, the top 7 from the Championship get promoted.

The play-offs would clearly be affected, and this is obviously a tongue-in-cheek idea written out of pure frustration at my own team. But I know I am not alone in being sick and tired of paying through my teeth for boring, rich-tea football. I also know I am not alone in the fact that I am aware I can just not watch it, but it’s my team and I cannot help but support them.

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