Bayern Munich officially announced Niko Kovac as their next manager on Friday the 13th, will it prove to be ominous?

The Bavarians recently won their sixth consecutive Bundesliga title and are in the last four of the Champions League, but face an uncertain future.

Although Kovac is walking into the most dominant force in German football, there are questions that need answering.

Kovac is a natural disciplinarian and has demonstrated good man management skills during his time at Frankfurt. This strength has been a key fact in his sides’ progress and surprising challenge for a European place where it could have easily have fizzled out.
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Big step up

However, he has never managed a squad full of star-studded players before. It is difficult to guess how the players will take to Kovac. I don’t imagine there will be an issue with his work ethic and training, whereas Carlo Ancelotti’s were reportedly boring and the players felt that the Italian was not testing them effectively.

One area where he may fall down is in playing style. The expectation at the club is to play and win the right way, a completely different landscape than he has experienced at Eintracht Frankfurt. It’s an enormous leap for the former Croatia international.

Kovac will have some questions surrounding the squad. Both Arjen Robben & Franck Ribery will be out of contract this summer, is the end for ‘Robbery’? Now may be the perfect time to move on from the duo, under a fresh regime.

Finally, Kovac will be stepping into the shoes of a legendary club figure in Heynckes and has already been labelled an underwhelming prospect by some. It remains to be seen whether or not Kovac will prove to be the correct choice for Die Roten. I can’t help but feel as though Julian Nagelsmann would have been a better gamble.

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