Belotti set the world alight last season, with rumours of £65m moves to the likes of Chelsea, Juventus & Manchester United rife. None of those materialised, but was that his big chance?

The 24 year old signed from Palermo to Torino in 2015 propelled Torino to new heights last season. Belotti finished the campaign with 28 goals in 38 games from all competitions. A stark improvement on his 12 in 36 the previous season.

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The Calcinate born striker has years ahead of him, but was the 16/17 season a blip in what is set to be a relatively average career? He has recently suffered from two knee injuries, a part of the body that takes a lot of pressure and weight in such a physical game.

Injuries to the knees often require a lengthy recovery time to ensure full strength in the joint, an early return can be a critical mistake for any professional sportsman. Some feel, Belotti did come back too soon from is initial knock in October, having missed a few games for Torino and the Turin based club struggling for goals, you can understand his desire to get back. His want to help the team be the best it can be though, may have lasting effects.

it took only 6 weeks for the injury to flare up again, forcing him out of action from mid December to late January, will he ever be the same again?

Some player struggle to recover from an injury such as this for the rest of their career, be it a physical hindrance or a mental block. Despite Belottis injury woes this season, he has managed a respectable 8 goals in 25 appearances. By no means the heights he would expect to hit, but all considering not a bad return.

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Belotti is a converted winger from hid younger days, compare by his youth coach to Gianluca Vialli, with great pace, athleticism and the ability to use both feet.

Potential suitors in the summer were rumoured to be some of the most elite clubs in world football. The likes of Barcelona, Manchester United & Chelsea were heavily linked with the Italian international. Nothing materialised, perhaps due to his excessive price tag of £65m. Perhaps due to the fact that the 16/17 season was his one and only major goalscoring season.

Clubs in the Champions League, and clubs winning their respective titles, are so reliant on a consistent goalscorer now, Belotti will be seen as a risk to all of those. Considering his record of goalscoring and now recent injury record, a £65m price tag even now will be deemed overpriced.



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